Tag Sale Basics

We can't prove that the fine folks of Purcellville had a Tag Sale back in 1908, but with a "Gypsy Campground" there was a good chance something similar may have been going on!

Here are a couple of hints and some ideas to make your visit and shopping the best possible.
  • About 10,000 folks decide to visit each year during Tag Sale Weekend. Be patient and take your time. Visit everything! It's less than a mile from Antique Flea Mkt to Downtown and lots of shopping in between.
  • Be careful in neighborhoods. Drive and park with courtesy.
  • Park only along curbing, in lots or other designated areas. Otherwise, expect a ticket or worse.
  • Lock your valuables in your car. Lock being the operative word there.
  • Plan your shopping stops wisely and minimize driving to avoid delays.
  • There are restaurants, breweries, our distillery, a great Downtown, local history, and more. Check them all out during your visit.


There is free parking available on all public streets with curb and no markings, in several Town lots and at both Loudoun Valley HS and Emerick Elementary. Some restrictions exist and police will ticket violators.
Getting Around

The best and most efficient way to get around to all the sales is walking. Beware traffic on Main Street, especially East to West, can be slow. Use Hirst or Druhan/A Street to bypass that traffic whenever possible.
Enjoy P'ville!

There is a lot to see and do after you shop the Sales. Our Train Station (pictured above) is located Downtown. There is a Visitor Center to help you plan your trip.Take a stroll Downtown and have the helpful Ambassador find a great restaurant or tell you about visiting our distillery or a local winery. There are lots of choices.

Restaurant Guide
Fun Things To Do in Pville